The Subjective Science Of Your Decision Strategy

My audience is the CEO. The focus is on the strategy. Unlike the major consultancies and business schools, we are concerned with the science of subjective experience and its application in business.

So, we start with the CEO, not the data.

Why? It saves time and money. And, you get sustainable value.

Eventually, this subject gets beyond psychology into yoga science. But it starts with the five senses.

None of us can make decisions without using the five senses. And all of us have to use the five senses to explain ourselves. So it follows that executive decisions are coded in the same five senses.

Structure and sequencing reveal the individual pattern in decision strategy. We can identify the pattern for successful and unsuccessful decisions on an individual basis - and find the difference - in sensory terms.

The end goal is to profit from strategy. But, you will notice this is not a fact-based approach in the first instance unless you accept the five senses as a fact.

I wonder if the science of subjective experience and its application in business are suitable for you and your business.

For example, do you want to know your sensory decision-making strategy?

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