'Profit From Strategy'

You are the chief executive.  The firm's strategy and sustainable long-term value is your responsibility.

Nevertheless, according to Harvard Professor Michael Porter, ‘most companies don’t have a strategy’.

You may not agree, but his words carry some weight.

Porter argues that you create sustainable value in business competition when you 'create a unique company' rather than 'competing to be the best'.

The advantage of a 'unique company' is that value creation is sustainable.

And, that's what we do, with a twist.

We start with your spirit and your subjectivity even though the value is measured in numbers. 

You find your firm's unique, sustainable and measurable value, you gain personal advantage, and you profit from strategy.

'Your Strength will come from within: you will not depend on outer incentives of any kind for motivation'  Paramahansa Yogananda.

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You can only access 5 Components Of Good Strategy through Zetetic Pioneering Strategies because we developed it.  You gain personal advantage, and you profit from a competitive business strategy and measurable results.  The reason it works - in my opinion - is because Good Strategy mirrors your nervous system.  And, if it doesn't work for your nervous system, it doesn't work.  Even though we are a niche strategy business, that claim alone has to be worth five minutes of your time if you are at all serious about this subject and the results it can achieve.