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They Laughed When I Talked About Subjective Strategies.  But When They Saw The Results!-

As a chief executive, you might be surprised to hear Harvard Professor Michael Porter say ‘Most companies don’t have a strategy … everybody works hard … everybody goes to the office every day … but there is really no strategy in any meaningful sense of that word’.

You may not agree, but his words carry some weight.

A Strategy Is ...

As you probably know, a strategy explains how to achieve your objective.  You can normally fit the description into a sentence of seven words or less.

You may not know that it automatically delivers unique value if you source it from an exploration of your subjective experience.

And, that's what we do.  

Strategy And The Science Of Subjective Experience

We start with the structure of your subjective experience even though final value may be measured in the profit and loss account.

This allows us to clarify your real needs.  And, examine the structure of how you think and decide - before we look at what you are deciding about.

With this knowledge, you gain personal advantage and a strategy that delivers unique value, in a fraction of the time.

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