Opening The Year 2020

These six questions provide a proven sequence to get to the bottom of things. I use them to focus for the year ahead.

The main commercial application is for the chief executive who hankers after something. And, is not really sure why it is not happening.

You can use it to clarify your thinking, transform your performance in the most demanding commercial circumstances. The proofs are available.

Take a few minutes with each question.

  • What do you want? (If you are not clear yet about what you want, think about what you do not wish to happen, write it down, and it is the opposite of that!)
  • How will you know when you have it? (What does it look, sound, or feel like)
  • What do you want in the next twelve months? (Or other significant period-you choose the period.)
  • Why do you not have this already? (What’s stopping you?)
  • What resources do you have which can help you to achieve these outcomes? (Resources can originate within your system or they can be external to yourself)
  • What are some similar things, which you achieved in the past? (Similar things are those that feel a bit like the project you now have.)

Many pause at the first question. I'm no exception.

The numbers are easy to find. But the heart yearning and desire that make activity attractive are often absent.

Yet, it is our heart yearning - or heartache - that provides the fuel to sort things out and go once again for those lofty ambitions.

So, what do you want?

Best wishes for 2020


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