The unique and powerful 3-6-3 model is a proven approach to developing a reliable business strategy.  We designed our distinctive online course around 3-6-3.

Are you ready to start your new business, accelerate your CEO career, or create an existing business strategy to compound value over the long term?

'12 Steps to Reliable Business Strategy' is not just a theoretical concept. It's a practical and accessible method that helps CEOs and businesses make good strategy a possibility and a practical reality.

'Eden Project has got something really valuable. I hope the next generation of leaders that come through Eden understand where some of that impetus came from.' Gaynor Coley, CEO Enterprise, Eden Project

You will learn how to:

  • Use the words purpose, vision, mission, values, and strategy with confidence and accuracy
  • Reveal the soft value of strategy by exploring subjectivity through the unique Zetetic Language Model
  • Isolate key success factors and capabilities to create market power and profitability
  • Use the Theory of Logical Types to fashion a unique sales proposition
  • Reveal and use the natural motivation embedded in the operational fabric of the business
  • Design a reliable strategy that delivers from the start line and builds financial value over time
  • Learn new and original theories and business practices - and create a compelling story for your leadership
  • Build your reputation with profitable trade and public acclaim.

How does it work?

'12 Steps to Reliable Business Strategy' is an online and personal self-study video programme with written instructions and coaching support. Our experienced coaches, with a wealth of industry experience, will be readily available to answer your questions, provide guidance, and help you apply the concepts to your business situation. You can feel reassured that you'll have the support you need.

The programme blends three decades of research: inquiry, a process approach to bottom-out issues that encourages you to question and explore your business from various angles; subjective science, which focuses on understanding and leveraging the subjective aspects of business strategy, such as purpose and values; and management science, which provides the tools and frameworks for objective analysis and logic. These three pillars form the foundation of our course.

The 12 steps in a 3-6-3 grouping are three subjective, six objective, and three creative steps. This unique model, which we'll explain during the course, guides you through developing a reliable business strategy, ensuring a balanced approach that considers subjective and objective factors.

The 3-6-3 sequence, which we'll explore in depth during the course, is a crucial part of the program. It reveals layers of analysis that some strategists miss because those layers are not easily accessible. This sequence helps you uncover and address these hidden layers, enhancing the robustness and effectiveness of your strategy.

The 3-6-3 model takes you on your first steps in this domain in a simple yet scientific way.

Whether you're starting a business, building one, or seeking to align with organisations that share your values, our 12 Steps to Reliable Business Strategy will guide you towards long-term success. With value as your compass, you can look forward to a future of sustainable growth and profitability.

A proven approach - We have used all or part of this methodology with:

  • Corporates - Bayer Pharma, Hindustan Aeronautics, Yorkshire Water, and AVIVA, for example
  • Start-up to a global brand - Merchants (CX) - to trade sale
  • Smaller enterprise - NannyCare (Goat milk for babies), Chicane (Everything Aston Martin), 4160 Tuesdays (London Artisan Perfumery)
  • High-profile social business - Eden Project and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew
  • Our program has witnessed remarkable success stories, including Gay Coley, CEO of Eden Project Enterprise, and Christopher Hawkins and Hazel Newberry, who went on to win the World Professional Ballroom Championships in Blackpool for three consecutive years. These achievements are a testament to the transformative power of our 12 Steps to Reliable Business Strategy, and they should inspire you to envision your success.

I love building long-term value for the individual, the company, and society. That is why this work exists. It combines existing and proven strategy thinking from around the world with something new, innovative, and pioneering from us, sparking intrigue and excitement about the unique insights and approaches you'll gain from our course.


Module 1 – Subjective Science (3-6-3)
You start by exploring your purpose, values, and vision. This exploration illuminates your predicament and subsequent values that inform your thinking and motivation.

In everyday life, you see everything through a particular lens. That lens influences everything that follows. So we need to know the colour of your spectacles. For example, what gives your life meaning? What principles drive you to think and respond in a certain way? What future do you see for yourself?

Module 2 – Objectivity, Analysis & Logic (3-6-3)
A traditional business school analysis that looks at the economics, research and numbers and includes:

1.   Big waves - industrial shifts, technological advancements, political climate, for example - that wash over your enterprise

2.   Power and profitability – who has the power and makes the profit in your industry – and how do they do that?

3.  What is your unique sales proposition (USP) in the market?

4. What are your critical success factors (KSF) and capabilities as a company to deliver your USP?

5.   Can you make a profit – what does the Profit & Loss Account look like?

6. Finally, what is the return on capital expenditure (CAPEX)?

This module distils your business proposition - what sets you aside – and indicates possibility and profitability.

Module 3 – Story (3-6-3)

You start by setting an objective.

After establishing the specific mission objective, you build the strategy to achieve it. Then, you turn that strategy into a story, communicating your proposition and resonating with the people you want to do business with.

This module focuses on a specific objective, articulates your strategy, and fashions the leaders' communication – appealing to the conscious and unconscious mind by using reason-why and story to build tangible and intangible value.


'We are thrilled beyond our wildest dreams.' Sarah McCartney, Founder and CEO of 4160 Tuesdays, a London Artisan Perfumery, shares her experience with the program. She credits the program for helping her develop a unique business strategy that has led to significant growth and recognition in the industry.

'I was new to the world of business development and needed support to understand how to use strategy to plan for various aspects of a business. Business plans and marketing strategies were new concepts, and understanding them was vital. Working with Joseph was hugely important for me as he broke the methodologies down and demonstrated how strategic processes and theories worked.'  Kinny Chinangwa is the business support services manager at WECIL

'Joseph confounded me. What he does, and does brilliantly with enormous emotional energy on his part, is help you use well-thought-through tools and methods to unlock your capability to develop your strategy, make decisions, or even face up to who and where you are. The whole process is an enormous help for moving forward in business or broader life issues.' Jo Dixon, Alliance Trust plc NonExecutive Director and Audit Chair

'I've worked with Joe on several long-term projects in the last few years. He was instrumental in helping me conceive and deliver pioneering new strategies for the business I ran then, which led to national and international recognition by the Sunday Times and Financial Times, amongst others.'  Alastair Thompson, Managing Director, FTSE100 Loop  Customer Management, says

'Eden Project has got something really valuable. I hope the next generation of leaders that come through Eden understand where some of that impetus came from.'  Gaynor Coley, CEO Enterprise, Eden Project

About Joseph Pritchard

The address on my birth certificate is 217 Horton Lane. For many years, I believed it to be Grandma Pritchard's house. One day, I looked it up. ‘Bradford Union Workhouse’ appeared in the Google search.

The 1948 National Assistance Act abolished the last vestiges of the Poor Law and the workhouse system. The new British National Health Service absorbed the Bradford Union Workhouse Infirmary, becoming St Luke's Hospital at some point. I was born a few years later, but my birth certificate identification is still 217 Horton Lane and nothing else – allegedly, the Board of Guardians used this practice of omission from 1904 to protect children in later life.

For forty years, I launched and built business ventures. These include global food and drink brands, international pharma, engineering and aerospace, national media, retail, perfume, alternative baby products, software, technology, marketing services, training, advertising, business process outsourcing, and management consulting. Building a brand or a business takes time, even if you start quickly.

There have been failures and some expensive lessons. But my successes are many. For example:

  • As founder members, we built a start-up CX business into a global BPO CX brand over at least ten years. We won over 40 national and international Direct Marketing Awards for large, financially stable, well-established companies. Then, we prepared the business for a successful trade sale.
  • Developing a new corporate strategy for a high-profile social business - seven years in development.
  • We moved unit managing directors in international aerospace engineering from copycat to research and development mindset using Neuro-Linguistic Programming technologies.
  • Turnaround - a small automotive business - including business redesign, new management team, 2X revenue and 2X profitability - over five years
  • Exploding profitable sales of SME Consumer Goods business through precise recruitment and winning national account listings with major UK multiples such as Tesco, Boots, and Waitrose.
  • And creating a strategy for a new Diversity business, moving from a blank page to proof of concept and business-to-business sales as a going concern.

To support first-class practical experience, I studied strategy for a Master of Business Administration degree at Ashridge Business School (It costs £49,000 in fees to complete this programme today) and acquired extensive certifications in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) - as a modeller, trainer, and consultant; and dedicated ten years to practitioner training in Tibetan Pulsing, a science of self-realisation – education that reflects my interest in spirit and money.

Who Is It For?

Maybe you are already a CEO who needs to refresh current thinking and practice, or you might be an aspiring CEO who wants a reliable skill set or strategy process, or you have already done an MBA – or can't afford one - and want a proven summary of the strategy process, or your career ambitions insist you understand the language and application of strategy and want to cover the bases – or you have no idea but are willing to learn and apply that learning to get ahead. Or, you are a management, business or strategy consultant who does not want to reinvent the wheel every time you get a project!

How Much Is It?

The MBA, NLP, and self-realisation education have cost at least £100,000 in course fees - this total does not include practitioner application or the original process design by our firm, ZPS. The opportunity cost is a conservative £200,000. At an educated guess, the bill - including research and development - probably cost a quarter of a million pounds sterling. So, here is some powerful, proven, and expensive know-how you can use to your advantage.

An announcement on the price will be made later in 2024. Would that interest you? If so, email your expression of interest to using 3-6-3 in the headline.

To Summarise - You will benefit from:

  • More than 20 years of commercial evidence-building and design showing you where to start and how to proceed with a reliable strategy that builds business value
  • The original Zetetic Language Model – designed to elicit subjective information scientifically – is only available to us
  • The primary business school and industry models you need to develop a winning proposition, alongside the organising power of The Theory of Logical Types
  • More than 20 pre-recorded video explanations of key concepts and definitions you can use with any professional, bank, boardroom or business school
  • 12 x 2-hour in-person, live Zoom group monthly coaching calls to support you through the process.

I will tell you precisely what it takes - the demands on your character, the skills required to create value, and the story of value creation in your life and business.  

Would that be of interest to you? If it is, you can book here.


The strategy process usually involves more than one person. So, we have developed a one-screen traffic light system—a dashboard application—that visually represents the risk step by step. The app allows all parties to see how you have viewed the risk and interact with your assessment in real time. Once you complete nine stages of the programme, it's free to use for a limited period.

(To learn more, email Joseph at or call +44 (0) 7887 513369.



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