Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Work?

We proceed by inquiry to find out what you want, what is stopping you from achieving it, and how to sort it out.

Inquiry is a subjective process but we use the financial statements - P&L, Balance Sheet, and Cash Flows - to measure progress and value created.

Clarity is a prerequisite for creating long term business value.  You can transform your performance through your clarity.

What is expected of me?

The main thing is to turn up and be truthful.  We provide the structure, questions, tools and techniques that lead you to a solution.  

Why should I use you?

The methods we use encourage clarity and accuracy - which saves you time and money.  We help you to build long-term business value and reduce risk.

How do you measure results?

Income statement, cash flow, balance sheet, and monthly management reports track progress.

Do you make recommendations?

We often say that our opinion does not count as we are developing your capabilities and decision-making capacity – we are helping you to clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

You will hear an opinion for counterpoint, provocation or emphasis.  But, our job is to find out what you want and help you to get it.

What experience do you have in our industry?

You have experience in your industry.

We specialise in strategy and  in working with the CEO, business owner or investor to produce long term business value.

Do you work with start-ups?

Yes, we do.  

Do you work with corporates?

Yes, we do.  Our strategy process and deliverables match the rigour of executive requirements and provide a platform for long-term sustainable business value.

Do you work with individuals?

Yes, we do – primarily with the CEO as strategy is a core part of their job brief.

How do you contract?

Our contracts protect you as the client and our IP. We use confidentiality and non-disclosure agreements alongside more expansive terms and conditions, agreed with you.

How do you price the job?

You have options.  Arrangements include a combination of flat fee rates, commission, bonus, and equity.

What are your payment terms?

Staged payments in advance, with the exception of performance-related elements.  Why?  Because we offer an intangible service which cannot be reclaimed once consumed.

Do you have any other questions that we can help with?

Contact joseph@zeteticmind.com or call +44 7887 513369 and he will be pleased to help.

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