Zetetic Pioneering Strategies

The Strategy Business With The Secret Weapon

'For thirty years, I have been a voice crying in the wilderness, trying to get my fellow executives to take their subjective experience seriously.  The subjective experience was my first love.  And later, my secret weapon.'

Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard


  • This puts you, economic power, and spirit on the same page. 

  • But, the starting point is the polar opposite of the way strategy is taught in our society and at leading business schools today.  

  • It doesn’t matter if you are a chief executive of an FTSE 100 company, an entrepreneur, social business or an individual.

  • In reality, this is the way successful business people seem to do it.  

  • So this is your secret weapon too.  

  • And you can count the technique on the five fingers of your hand.

  • Purpose
  • Your purpose is a felt thing; it is observable in your actions even if you cannot articulate it.  It is the reason you do things and the filter for your direction and decision making - an organising principle.  Inquiring into your purpose releases connections that mean something to you - where your power in communication and action come from.  
  • We help you to articulate your purpose so that it can be used as a filter for direction and decision making.  
  • Heart
  • Your heart is a practical organ, not a concept.  It's the centre of your pulse beat and organisation.  It speaks for your body and your morale - and keeps your brain alive.

    Your brain's natural tendency may be towards rational, mental, and analytical assessment.  However, the main source of your power is accessed through your soma (body) - and your heart is the gateway to that power.

    We want to bring you back into your rhythm. We know it clarifies your thinking and transforms your performance.

  • Intellect
  • Your intellect works best when it serves rather than commands.  So, once we know what you want, you employ your analytic, coding and diagnostic faculty as a servant to those objectives.  Using your intellect as a starting point is inefficient around strategy, decision making, and people.  

  • The purpose of your intellect is to serve your heartbeat and your strategy.

  • Perception
  • Your perception is a reflection of your existing neurological agility, programming, and your ability to work with different sensory data.

  • Clearing your redundant neurological patterns and developing new skills in this area opens new windows of possibility, and enables you to respond in new ways.

    It's your gateway to problem-solving.

  • Physicality
  • Your strategy requires action to bring it into reality - a continuous process in service to your purpose.  Developed in this way there is no effort in the action.  Motion is the consequence of the previous internal inquiry.

    The long and short-term happen at the same time and deliver the future.

  • In summary
  • This approach allows you to profit from a strategy in surprising ways, which include economics and spirit on the same page.