Zetetic Pioneering Strategies (ZPS)

ZPS provides professional services that help you to profit from strategy.

The word profit is delightfully ambiguous in that you can measure it in many different ways, from spirit to money.

Of course, it’s easier to measure money.

But, to our minds, money alone is too one dimensional.

To our minds, our businesses would benefit from a bigger nod towards us - their society - if they do not want to act as a catalyst for rebellion.

To our minds, this calls for a new breed of advanced leadership and management.

And, to our minds, this sort of shift in perspective takes place on an individual level first.  If you want to transform the world, then go first.


To provide a business vehicle for self-realisation


Executives who lead from the heart and make a profit


Management science, yoga science, and neuroscience


Remember Your Soul


An alternative business school - for executive education, consultancy, and training.