Strategy For A New World

You face three challenges as a chief executive:

1. The creation of sustainable value: at a time of intense competition and industrial disruption in almost every sector of business - where the skills for the future are scaled as an investment decision - do you have a sustainable competitive strategy that sets you apart from the rest?

2. Your time and useful productivity: clear thinking determines your success.  How you use your time is a function of clarity.  Clarity is a function of strategy. Do you have a strategy that allows you to allocate your time with confidence?  How do you balance your time between core business, new markets, and new products?

3. Your ethics: your decision making is influenced by a continuous pressure on the invisible fabric of your values.  The state of your internal world, evidenced externally in your words and actions, communicates safety, possibility and opportunity - or corruption and despair. What do your actions say about you?  And, how you do strengthen this invisible thread?

We know that you need a profit to survive, prosper, and re-invest.


But, you can't build a house without a safe foundation. And a strategy built on ethics - principles that govern a person's behaviour - saves you time and provides that foundation.

It's not remote as an idea.  

Why not?  

Because it’s impossible to design a strategy without the weave of value. This invisible conversation is transmitting in every action.

So, it helps to articulate that invisible conversation and use it as a filter for your decisions.

Without it, we get Polly Peck, Enron, Lehman Brothers, Banco Espirito Santo, China Medical Technologies, and Bernard L Madoff Ponzi style Investment Fraud.

Lust, abuse of power, and material greed feed on themselves and multiply.

Trust suffers.


So, we focus on the flame of your spirit - sometimes called your soul.  And, we articulate that flame into a strategy - so that you can profit with safe foundations.

This focus on the flame - subtle and financial - saves you time and money because it filters incongruent project risk before you commit the expensive resource of your organisation.


Strategy For A New World


Heart Definition Objectives


Management Science, Yoga Science, Neuroscience


Profit From Strategy


Remember Your Soul

How Do We Proceed?

We proceed by Inquiry.  

As an entry point - and you may not believe this yet - Inquiry into the structure of your subjective experience is accurate and fast.

In some ways, it is not new.

Yoga science has articulated these skills for thousands of years. Neuroscience now validates this knowledge in the language of modern material science.

But, getting ready access to these skills within a business context is not easy because the starting point is the polar opposite of traditional executive education - for the moment at least - a predicament that led to the formation of Zetetic Pioneering Strategies in 1999.

Your most powerful resource as a business leader is your ability to explore and articulate your experience; package it as thought; communicate; and create material wealth.

We offer you that opportunity.  

Proven career and enterprise results prove the claim and create a greater sense of coherence through the execution phase.

Your ultimate focus may be power and wealth.  You can still have that.

An inquiry is just an alternative starting point - accurate, fast, and founded in ethics that naturally include your business in society.  

As you may know, business strategy and detailed analysis can take at least 100 days - meetings and discussions aside. Our approach will resolve most issues in 5 days before you commit the firm's resources.

But, it is not for everyone.

At the heart of Inquiry is a feeling awareness.  Yes, we know the numbers. But, numbers are the residue of your intuitions not the cause.

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