If - How to be A Man

If you want a new strategy on how to be a man, how to become a man, how to be a modern man, how to be a businessman - or what makes a good man - lookout for the invisible qualities that Rudyard Kipling identifies in the poem 'If'.  

And look inside yourself, not at your muscle mass.  

Internal reflection reveals valuable information to shape your personal strategy and the commercial value of your business strategy.  It is the fastest way to develop strategies that produce long term business value as well as deliver on the promise ‘you’ll be a man my son!'  

Rudyard Kipling was a prolific writer.  'If', is widely recognised as one of his best poems.  The poem looks at how to be a man.  It speaks to many invisible qualities that are not usually characterised by the action hero prevalent in films, commercial life or comic strips.  

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