DarkLight - How Thinking Releases Creativity At Work

Most of us spend at least part of our working lives thinking.  Whether you are an accountant or a designer, chances are you use your thought every day to inform, to promote, and to persuade.

Using your thought effectively is an essential skill at work.

Learning to go a step further and use it creatively can bring enormous benefits for you and your business.

All that we need to release us from our shackles is to redirect our thinking.

No change of personality is required.  No seeming weakness is to be overcome or disguised.  No personal confession is necessary.

Diagnosing a problem is an essential step.  But - once you know it - thinking about it may depress you.  

Instead, think about your outcome - what you prefer to have.

Try it!

Just think about what you prefer to have.  And, watch the lights come one at a time.

This technique sets you on the right track: it encourages your thinking from the dark towards the light - from the problem to the outcome - as it changes your neurology beyond recognition.

You slide effortlessly into creativity.

Best wishes



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