Potential Energy Chapter 5 SUN TZU The Art Of War (How To Win CEO)

A swooping falcon breaks the back of its prey - such is the precision of its timing. (The most influential book of strategy in the world.)

00:00 Potential Energy  Chapter 5 SUN TZU The Art Of War (How To Win CEO)

SUN TZU  The Art of War, the most influential book of strategy in the world, it says on the front cover and you know, who am I to disagree? And it's translated by John Minford. So it's Penguin Classics, John Minford.

Now, this is chapter five. We've been through. We've been through calculations,  waging of war, the cost of war, defeating the enemy without fighting and,  water crashing a thousand fathoms into a Gorge. And now we're on chapter five, which is called potential energy, potential energy.

Master Sun said - by the way, I appreciate that I'm reading an English translation, a penguin classics, translation,  of a Chinese text. And I appreciate I'm also, uh, that I'm also, I'm not Chinese. So, uh, you know, you sort of forgiving those distortions. I'm about to read what Master Sun said.

This is Potential Energy.

01:11 Managing Many

Managing many is the same as managing few; it is a question of division. Fighting with many is the same as fighting with few; it's a matter of marshaling men with gongs, identifying them with flags.

With a combination of indirect and direct, an army can hold off the enemy undefeated. With an understanding of weakness and strength, an army can strike like a millstone cast at an egg.

In warfare, engage directly; secure victory indirectly.

The warrior skilled in indirect warfare is infinite as heaven and earth, inexhaustible as river and sea, he ends and begins again like sun and moon, dies and is born again like the four seasons.

02:30 Five Notes

There are but five notes and yet their permutations are more than can ever be heard. There are but five colours, and yet their permutations are more than can ever be seen. There are but five flavours, and yet their permutations, are more than can ever be tasted.

03:06 Dynamics Of War

In the dynamics of war, there are but these two - indirect and direct - and yet the permutations are inexhaustible. They give rise to each other in a never-ending inexhaustible circle.

A rushing torrent carries boulders on its flood; such is the energy of its momentum. A sweeping Falcon breaks the back of its prey; such as the precision of its timing. The skillful warrior's energy is devastating; his timing, taut. His energy is like a drawn crossbow, his timing like the release of a trigger

04:16 Tumelt Of Battle

In the tumult of battle, the struggle may seem Pell-Mel, but there is no disorder; in the confusion of the melee, the battle array may seem topsy-turvey, but defeat is out of the question.

Disorder is founded on order; fear on courage; weakness on strength.

Orderly disorder is based on careful division; courageous fear on potential energy; strong weakness on troup dispositions. The warrior skilled at stirring the enemy provides a visible form, and the enemy is sure to come. He proffers the bait, and the enemy is sure to take it. He causes the enemy to make a move and awaits him with full force.

05:24 The Skillful Warrior

The skillful warrior exploits the potential energy; he does not hold his men responsible. He deploys his men to their best but relies on the potential energy.

Relying on the energy, he sends his men into battle like a man rolling logs or bolders. By their nature, on level ground logs and boulders stay still; on steep ground they move; square, they halt; round, they roll. Skillfully deployed soldiers are like round boulders rolling down a mighty mountainside..

These are all matters of potential energy.

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