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It’s Personal, And It’s Business Juice

Do you talk to your body like a form of transport and assume it is only there to take your brain from one meeting to the next?

Do you over-ride how you feel about your life because the business comes first?

I am sure we all do at times.

Do it long enough, and your support system will notify you.  You end up in rehabilitation - which is more expensive in time and money - and inconvenient, to say the least

And, do you treat your firm the same way?

You can’t execute a business strategy if you don’t keep the transport system in good condition.  In your case, your transport is your nervous system.

Of course, it’s not cool to admit to feelings:

  • The joy of seeing your child's first attempt at handwriting
  • The STAR they get at school
  • The killer teenage dress
  • The new computer
  • And the feel of the road in your new car.

Or the despair at losing five children in miscarriage - tell me that losing five children through miscarriage has no bearing on your day-to-day decisions.

That is why we do Personal Strategy before business strategy, as personal experience colours your desire and the lens you look through.

Would you like to be at peace with your past before you make bold decisions about other people's lives, expressed through your business strategy?

No, this is not therapy.

It’s about subjective strategies and how you structure personal experience. We want you to understand how your nervous system speaks on the inside - your strategy - before it makes decisions that affect the outside.

It is an excellent way to create value in your personal life.  

And it is called Personal Strategy - which leads automatically to business strategy.

So, it is personal.  And it is business.


The video on this page showcases a corporate strategy project with Gaynor Coley, Managing Director of Eden Project, which originated in a close look at Personal Strategy.

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