Strategy For A New World

The 2008 economic crisis in The West might not have been so bad had there been hope.  But the citadels of leadership seem to crumble at the same time.

Enron evidenced willful corporate fraud and corruption at the start of the 21st century.  

Allegations of child sexual abuse haunt The Catholic Church in many parts of the world, going back over the last 50 years.  

And the British Parliament expenses scandal finally emerged into the light in 2009, after a battle with House of Commons authorities over a Freedom of Information request.

People say one thing and do another.  

Today, it’s difficult to look at business, church, or political leaders for your value compass because promises are made and broken seemingly without a care.

And that's the backdrop to Strategy For A New World, as a manifesto.

Trust has gone.

You may not be bothered by the erosion of this fragile fabric that weaves society together.  But if you run a business - and have a position that affects the lives of thousands of people - it might cause you some concern.

To my mind, there are three pressures facing you as a chief executive, aside from your career and reputation.

  1. The creation of sustainable value

  1. Meaningful and effective leadership

  1. The wider ecology of your actions

In a way, all three are strategy and leadership issues where economics and values collide.

Somewhere along the line, many leaders have adopted a rhetoric which is incoherent when viewed alongside their actions.  

A lust for power and material reward seem to override the common values which build trust, relationship, and the society we live in.

Rather than being a net contributor to our experience of life on planet earth, business leaders are fast becoming one of the risk factors - which is a great shame, because the potential to contribute as a business is enormous.

Yes, you need a profit to survive and prosper.  But, there are tools to do it differently.  

Your spirit (or soul) is a better place to start. You make decisions from a different location.  And, it’s not your intellect.

It feels like a strange land at first.  Mainly because it is subjective.  But this shift makes a difference to your value proposition, your leadership, and the quality of life that you generate in your environment.

So, we focus on the science of your subjective experience as a gateway to the flame of your spirit.

And, we articulate that flame into a strategy - so that you can profit from strategy.

Which means, if you really do want to transform the world - or just your business - you have to go first.


Strategy For A New World


Heart Definition Objectives


Management Science, Yoga Science, Neuroscience


Remember Your Soul


An Alternative Business School For Executive Education, Consultancy, And Training.

How Do We Proceed?

We proceed by Inquiry.  

This approach puts the focus on your subjective experience as we explore how you and your firm can profit from strategy, strategic leadership, and management.

As an entry point - and you may not believe this yet - the structure of your subjective experience is faster and more reliable than logic or analytics.

In some ways, it is not new.

Yoga science has articulated these skills for thousands of years.  And neuroscience is now validating this knowledge in the language of modern material science.

But getting access to these skills within a business context is not so easy because the starting point is different from traditional executive education, for the moment at least.

And that’s the predicament which has led to the formation of Zetetic Pioneering Strategies (ZPS).

ZPS offers an experiential and practical approach which generates intellectual models as the residue of exploration.

This approach is effective in both career and enterprise terms.  And it creates a greater sense of coherence through the execution phase.

Your most powerful resource as a business leader is your ability to explore and articulate your own experience before you package it as thought, communicate, and create material wealth.

Your ultimate focus may be power and wealth.  You can still have that.  

Our ultimate focus is putting spirit and money on the same page.

To achieve this objective, we offer you an alternative business education.  And, A Strategy For A New World.

If you wish to talk further contact me, Joseph Pritchard, on +44 (0)7887 513369, or email