We help you to profit from strategy - profit you can measure in different ways, from spirit to money.

Of course, it’s easier to measure money.  

But, money is only one dimension.

A good strategy helps you to breathe, gives life to your people and allows them to create.

To our mind, the shift in perspective and skill needed to operate in this way takes place on an individual executive level first, before you get to the traditional disciplines of economics and analytics.

We focus on the science of your subjective experience as a gateway to the flame of your spirit and your real desire.

And, we articulate that flame and desire into a strategy that functions through its own biology, chemistry and motivation.

So, if you really do want to transform the world - or just your business - you have to go first.

But, you can also scale this approach to any number of people, projects or enterprises within your orbit, through the Zetetic Star System.


Profit from Strategy


Heart definition of objectives


Management science, yoga science, neuroscience


Remember Your Soul


An alternative business school for executive education, consultancy, and training.


We proceed by Inquiry.  This approach puts the focus on your subjective experience as we explore how you and your firm can profit from strategy, strategic leadership, and management.

As an entry point, the structure of your subjective experience is faster and more reliable than logic or analytics - although you do need these skills too.

In some ways, it is not new.

Yoga science has articulated these skills for thousands of years, and neuroscience is now validating this knowledge in the language of modern material science.

But getting access to these skills within a business context is not so easy because the starting point is so different from traditional executive education, for the moment at least.

And that’s the predicament which has led to the formation of Zetetic School Of Business.

This is not an academic approach.  It is experiential and practical, although it does generate models which can later be argued on an intellectual level.

Nevertheless,  this education is effective in career and enterprise terms - it is faster to market, and creates a greater sense of coherence through the execution phase.

We recognise that your most powerful resource as a business leader is your ability to explore and articulate your own experience before you package it in thought, communicate, and create material wealth.

So, these skills are designed to work in a personal and professional context.

But, our ultimate focus is on the firm's value because the success of the firm directly affects the quality of many more lives and puts spirit and money on the same page.

To achieve this objective we offer you an alternative business education.

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