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The problem is that you are the chief executive.  Anything you say or do is scrutinised - the way you look in the morning, during online conferences - for hidden meaning and intention.

Talking with others is full of hazards unseen - like rocks below the visible water line -  because your words carry with them the executive power to act.

So, it’s unlikely you can relax and explore with privacy, confidence and a full feeling of safety.

Of course, this may not apply to you.  But if you want a knowledgeable, independent and confidential private outlet to map out your ideas - and hear them aloud without consequence - then consider Zetetic Pioneering Strategies (ZPS).

We have been working with chief executives directly - one-to-one - for over twenty years.  

Now, we are not a McKinsey operation - we cannot offer that physical scale of intervention - but, we have worked across many sectors including International business, government organisations, high profile social business, and family owned business.  For example: Bayer Pharmaceutical, Hindustan Aeronautics, NHS Employers, Eden Project, and 4160 Tuesdays.

Uniquely, we know about business strategy and personal development from three perspectives - academic, professional practice, and hands-on experience.  And, we have proven results you can measure in terms of your edge and the profit and loss account.

You are extremely unlikely to get access to such a unique mix of skills and experience in one conversation.  This mix of capabilities allows you to travel across the personal, professional and business domains in safety.  

And, above all, it’s private and confidential.  

This privacy and confidentiality also allow you to hear and feel yourself think - without repercussion - until you are clear about your perspective on the matter at hand.

And, clarity is especially useful if you want to consider the performance of the business strategy, a key customer, or a crucial relationship.

If this service sounds as though it might be useful for you, please call Joseph for an exploratory conversation.  No obligations are explicit or implied by talking to us!  

It’s a free chat.

You don’t need any clarity before you call - just a little niggle that something doesn’t look or sound or feel right.  And you want to clarify your thinking before you act.

Best wishes


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