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Fallen Heroes

You have probably heard it said that the skills and talents that got you to your current level of success might not take you to where you want to go.

This statement - or similar - is often used or implied by business schools and executive education providers. They offer technical programmes, some soft skills, and networks to help you get to the next level. Their programmes often contain psychometric profiling, media training, and leadership communication skills.

But are they enough for the rough and tumble of leadership?

The answer is probably not.

Looking at political, business or religious leaders, you can see that the role illuminates the best and worst of their character.  And, the whole world can see it too.

Stumbling blocks include power, money, and sex.

The Conservative Party suffers from accusations of sleaze - after a prolonged period of power - with most of it sticking to the tail of Boris Johnson and his recent period as Prime Minister of the UK. Enron, Freddie Mac, Lehman Brothers, Bernard L. Madoff and Satyam Computer Services testify to corporate financial fraud during the last twenty-two years. Presidents Clinton & Trump have stirred the sexual pot, and allegations of child abuse beset the Catholic Church.

But how do you clean up your act for the demands of leadership? Surely only a saint could do it!

The ancient Greeks had a go - they suggested we lead by example!

It’s not a bad idea.

To clean up my act, I knew there was work to do on different levels. The physical was most familiar to me. The emotional world was the most challenging. I had a bit of a head start on the communication side, which involved more than twenty years of practical and experiential study, although my throat would often seal itself at the wrong time.

My biggest threat was anger. So, my challenge was to understand how the anger mechanism worked inside myself so that I could use it in a constructive manner.

It seemed a hopeless task but I took it on.

Academic study was not the answer. Psychology was not the answer. Something had to shift on the inner electrical plane. I required more emotional stability and discipline to lead again, and this predicament led me to Tibetan Pulsing.

Tibetan Pulsing is a Tantra bodywork - you heal through the electrical circuits in your body.  

As you heal, you reveal your talents and stabilise your presence.

Embracing a self realisation bodywork improves the probability that you will not go the way of the fallen heroes.  To put it another way - the final stages of leadership emerge as you develop your spirit and the energetic balance of your physicality, emotional maturity, and mental stability.  You might call it leadership character.

There are many routes, Tibetan Pulsing is just one.

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