‘Joe Pritchard of Zetetic confounded me. On one level, you could say he has a head full of mumbo jumbo management speak nonsense that could switch you into suspend-belief mode.

The reality is that what he does, and does brilliantly with enormous emotional energy on his part, is help you use those clearly well-thought-through tools and methods to unlock your capability in developing your own strategy, making decisions, or even just facing up to who and where you are.

So even if you have a healthy cynicism, I think the whole process is enormously helpful for moving forward in business or broader life issues, and you have to conclude that how he does that is very, very clever.

I would recommend him without question and would positively encourage you to give him a go!’

Jo Dixon - formerly Finance Director Newcastle United PLC, SERCO GROUP, Commercial Director UK, Europe and Middle East Serco - Personal Strategy client.

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