Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

If you want to build long-term business value, there are three things for you to consider:

  • Your clarity of thought - thinking and feeling

  • How you use your intuition

  • Your key relationships and their personal values.

Traditional strategy starts with analysis, research, and sometimes random blue-sky discussion. Analysis alone can take twelve months to unravel unless you put a team on it.

We start with a structured subjective inquiry.

Inquiry reveals the underlying pulse of your strategy and the essential Soft Value - which is crucified or immortalised by your clarity at the outset.

Soft Value lends accuracy, makes your strategy safer, and actively builds the Value you want to see.

It also acts as an essential perceptual filter.

Even if you are unaware, you use it to verify your strategy through the complex data stages and bring your goals to life during business operations.

So, it’s best to know what it is.

As you probably know, it can take five years to unwind a poor decision - going in and coming out - so we like to say ‘five days saves you five years.’

Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

CEO Alastair Thomson says ‘Joseph gets you from just being very-very good to being exceptional in your field.’ (FTSE100 Loop)

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