Clarify Your Thinking, Transform Your Performance - Five Days Can Save You Five Years

As the CEO, you have your checkpoints if you want long-term business value. And, no doubt, resilience is close to the top of your list.  Here are three from our perspective:


  • Your Clarity

Clarity is a tremendous resource for investors, employees, customers - and the societies that sponsor your business. And Clarity is a great resource for you too as it conserves energy.

  • Managing Difference 

You may have noticed slight differences in perception between your top executives and critical implementers emerge as visceral conflict at the operational level.  

Your people have invested - income, career, health, time, reputation, and family trajectory are on the line.

So, in the absence of careful and practical articulation, silent opposition emerges.  A few months later, tribal loyalties are activated, and an executive war erupts.  During the next twelve or twenty-four months, organisational conflict paralyses your organisation - sucks out life - and darker options emerge.

‘Et tu, Brute?’

So, before these differences murder your adventure, it is helpful to talk things through regularly - even with the best of friends.

You may still need to believe me.  But, when it’s awful, get in touch.

Traditional strategy starts with research and analysis. It is expensive with your time and can take months or years to progress.  To go at warp speed - and build resilience - we start with a structured subjective inquiry.

Inquiry opens doors you can’t see - otherwise, you would have done it.

And, inquiry articulates the underlying pulse of your strategy - the root structure of your resilience - makes your process visible and safer, and provides a framework to resolve different viewpoints without stopping the flow in a strong wind.

We build business value from the start line and over the long term - a subjective start point leads to a significant and measurable ending.

As I have said, you can’t see it yet.  

But it becomes a secret hidden in plain sight once someone listens to you.  

Clarity is worth years of compound interest.  As you know, it can take five years to unwind a poor decision at your level.  So five days can save you five years!

Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.

CEO Alastair Thomson says ‘Joseph gets you from being very-very good to exceptional in your field.’ (FTSE100 Loop)

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