Modelling Strategies

Do You Really Want To Solve Your Value Problem?

In today’s market, your IP probably represents about 70% of your business value, whether you have identified it or not.


Often times, it is hidden inside the modesty, skill, and self-effacing perspectives of your key people - so it never makes it into your competitive strategy, your profit and loss account or your balance sheet.


Once you recognise this predicament – the loss of perceived and actual value – you can start to code and articulate it.


A good business strategy does that.


Tracie North was Director of Care And Quality.  She had never fully articulated how she felt about nursing and care, and how to do it well.


This omission was to cost her.  ‘I folded back within myself … just a nurse … just a female’.  

And, it almost certainly cost the business.  But, this story has happy ending.


Tracie did finally capture her hidden intuition and skill in a word she felt able to use.  That word is LOVE.  Specifically - ‘the courage to touch’.


(If you know the care home business and the prevalence of the medical model - not without good reason - then you know just how radical this idea is.)


Tracie’s recognition not only added comfort and value to the lives of her customers.  It also helped to sharpen the business proposition and contribute to a unique competitive strategy.


And, in her words, it allowed her to ‘break out’ too.

So, if you really want to solve your value problem, Modelling Strategies can help.

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