Zetetic School Of Business (Twelve Months Coaching)

Are you a young professional who wants to feel confident in corporate settings so you can advance your career but fear your limited skill set holds you back?

Would you like to learn the language of business so you can build knowledgeable foundations to help reimagine your future and unlock opportunities for growth?

Imagine articulating your ideas in a commercial context with the help of a simple but effective model that demystifies business strategy and positions you as someone to watch.

The Zetetic School Of Business is an online, 12-month group programme designed for young professionals who enjoy the world of work but are ready to kickstart their careers and embrace new opportunities.

Whether you are looking to launch your own business, reconfigure your company or realise your professional potential, we will meet monthly for live group teaching and business mindset coaching sessions with an experienced management consultant.

You don't need to know what direction you want to head in, nor do you need to come from an academic background. We start where you are and encourage you to express any funny feelings or concerns so we can provide the best possible support.

Our online business school will help you to:

  • Shape your skill set by strengthening specific areas, e.g. management by objectives and organisation, critical and strategic thinking, communication and leadership
  • Build stable strategies and timeless processes you can reference repeatedly
  • Nurture your intuition and creative imagination to source new ideas.
  • Demystify the inner workings of a profitable business in manageable steps
  • Boost your business confidence and employability so you can become a valuable asset.

Follow the Zetetic 3-6-3 Business Strategy Model

We use our tried-and-tested, '3-6-3’ business strategy model.

It is a unique, evidence-based model that combines internal, analytical and creative modules and has been applied to many well-established companies to ensure long-term value.

By first explaining the model within the context of your life, our sessions will explore how you can then translate it to business. Whether you want to learn how to run a business or how to work for organisations that align with your heart-led values, our 3-6-3 model will help you move from A to B. It is a robust approach that you can turn to when faced with real-world opportunities and challenges alike.

The internal modules - Purpose, values and vision

We will start by exploring your purpose, values and vision to establish your motivation, appreciate the circumstances that inform your thinking and create conditions where we can add value.

You see everything through this personal lens, so we must address it from the beginning as it influences everything that follows. For example, your why can be called upon when external sources threaten to knock you off-kilter.

What grounds you and gives your life meaning? What principles drive you to think and respond in a certain way? What future do you envision for yourself?

The analytical modules - Big societal waves, profitability, etc

We then turn our attention to the wider business landscape to analyse its impact.

We will explore how businesses are affected by big societal waves, industrial shifts, technological advancements and political climates. We will examine how your opportunities are shaped by them, consciously and unconsciously, before shifting our focus to profitability to establish where the power lies. We will refer to case studies to assess what businesses are doing and how their value-driven, forward-thinking actions generate consistent cash flow.

By completing a thorough analysis, you will have an emerging clarity regarding industry ingredients for success. As we look at the market and discuss the importance of USPs, you will have the time to establish your own unique selling point that will serve you well in professional environments.

We will assess your capability to deliver on your unique proposition before looking at how entrepreneurs and executives assess the operational and capital risks involved in managing a successful business.

These modules will give you a clear understanding of what a strong business strategy looks like and how you can implement one to welcome meaningful change.

How do big societal waves generate profitability, and how do they impact you? What direction are you heading in, and what capabilities do you have or need to acquire? What investment do you need to realise your vision - whether personal or financial - and is it currently viable?

The creative modules - Objectives, strategy and storytelling

We will then look at the creative modules.

We will start by setting objectives and anchoring them to the internal and analytical steps. After establishing your goals, we will build a strategy that makes them achievable.

Once your strategy is fully-formed, we can explore how to turn it into a story that resonates with its target audience.

What goals do you need to set so you can approach your strategy with intention? How can you achieve these objectives in light of the analysis? How can you turn your value-driven strategy into a story that encourages action?

We follow this framework to challenge ideas and impediments at the right level of logic - so we know what part of the process to refer back to at any given time.

Why study with Zetetic School Of Business?

We are in the business of creating value.

You will have plenty of opportunities to ask questions, share your experiences and grow your expertise during our group workshops. The Zetetic Strategy Board also visually breaks the process down into digestible steps that you can follow with ease and continue to draw upon for years to come.

There are many more reasons why our unique approach may work for you.

The Zetetic School Of Business:

  • Connects you with like-minded individuals
  • Fits neatly around your commitments because it's all done through remote learning
  • Expands your personal and professional skill sets and improves your employability
  • Simplifies the strategies behind businesses to clarify your thinking
  • Presents you with the accountability and career advice you need to make transformational change.

Our group programme brings you one step closer to imagining a future you didn't realise was possible.

Testimonials from past students

Past students have gone on to enjoy professional achievements that previously felt unattainable.

Katie, for example, runs an organisation helping businesses to achieve ethical and sustainable cultural change. Kinny embraced his untapped potential and moved into more lucrative, career-focused employment at a Bristol-based charity that supports independent living.

They had the following to say about their time with Zetetic:

'I was new to the world of business development and needed support to understand how to use strategy to plan for various aspects of business. Business plans and marketing strategies were new concepts to me, and understanding them was vital.

Working with Joseph through the Zetetic Business School was hugely important for me as he broke the methodologies down and demonstrated how strategic processes and theories worked.

I call upon this knowledge regularly, especially as my department undergoes a rebrand.'

- Kinny Chinangwa, Business Support Services Manager at WECIL.

'The Zetetic Business School was excellent for developing my business know-how and boosting my professional confidence. I was determined to find sustainable income generation streams for my workplace, but I didn't have a theory-based background.

And so, I decided to enrol on the programme. Whilst studying with Joseph, I realised I wanted to start my own enterprise.

The modules gave me space to explore my business model and learn all about what it takes to build a successful business. We looked at everything from market position to budgeting, branding to intellectual property. I learned many invaluable lessons and enjoyed many discussions that continue to impact and influence my business to this day.

I'm still working with Joseph some eight years later!'

- Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi, Founder of BCohCo

Where will you be in twelve months?

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