Zetetic Modelling Strategy

How to create a unique place for yourself in the world - and make your business or career work. 

Your IP probably represents about 70% of your personal or business value.

Often, you hide it.  It never makes it into your strategy, your profit and loss account, your assets, or your negotiations.


Once you recognise this predicament – the passive deletion of value – you can do something about it.

The same is true for a business strategy

But, you can't get to it through standard analysis.

Rachael is now the Chief Executive of Yorkshire Wildlife Trust. In 2009, she completed a period of study with us.

She says, it challenged the core of what you want to be about.

'You know when you have found the core, your personal diamond, about who you are and who you want to be ... and how that can create a unique place for yourself in the world.'

And, it's the same with business strategy and brands.

Intuition And Value

Intuition and feeling awareness play a big part.  But, you need fertile conditions for that sort of insight.

Consider this:

  • FTSE100 Loop Customer Management won national and international recognition using Zetetic Modelling Strategy, and doubled turnover at the same time

  • Rachael progressed to CEO

The location of this diamond is inside you. Showing you how to find it is our job.

'And, that really is where the value lies in working with Joseph', says Rachael.

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