Zetetic Business School

How To Develop Harmonious Value For You, Your Firm, And The Society You Live In.

  • Improve your personal value

  • Enhance your firm’s value

  • Lead from a systemic perspective

Our programmes deliver personal and business growth.  The way we do that is to focus on your subjective experience.

Why?  Because you need some new tools and techniques to rise above the systemic failure to embrace strategy, leadership and management in a meaningful way.

In order to do a really good and inclusive job, you are looking in the wrong direction - and leaving value on the table.

The answers you really want are packaged subjectively.  And you need a new map and a new language if you are to keep up.  

Of course, cash is still vital.  The profit and loss account still keeps the score.  A return on investment is still mission critical.

But the new executive, one who really knows how to deliver sustainable value, looks to a different place and understands language differently.

On Zetetic Programmes you examine

  • Your five senses and how you represent information

  • Your midbrain and its function between your head and body

  • Your heart and the process of creation and manifestation

  • Your gut as a second brain

  • Your sense of Soul living as Human

In some ways, it is not new.

Eastern yoga science has articulated aspects of these skills for thousands of years.  

And, modern organisations like Heart Math are validating yogic knowledge in the neuroscience language of the west.


But, getting access to these skills within a business context is not easy.  So, we have developed programmes that make it available.

The approach is experiential first.

These skills work well in your personal or professional life.  But, they also focus on the value created by the firm across the long-term.  And - because the starting point is from within your nervous system - harmony prevails.

We can custom design growth programmes in strategy, leadership, and management - through brand, marketing, advertising, design, sales and customer service language - across sector including Aerospace, automotive, food and drink, pharmaceutical, health, social business, and show business.

If you wish to talk further contact me, Joseph Pritchard, on +44 (0)7887 513369, or email joseph@zeteticmind.com