‘Did you ever wonder what your chair was for?'

Tim Parker is non-executive chair at Post Office Limited.

You may know him as a successful CEO - Samsonite, Kwik-Fit, and Kenwood for example.

Last week Tim visited Bristol Business School to talk about governance as a part of The Bristol Distinguished Address Series.

Speaking as a business practitioner, he delivered a masterclass in 53 minutes and 49 seconds.

(You can get the full version here)

His main thrust was the interface with the chief executive and the management team.

‘That job can be incredibly lonely’, said Tim, talking about the CEO, a job he did for thirty-three years.

Today he chairs Samsonite, The National Trust, and The Post Office and he says, ‘The most important sanction is the appointment or retention of the CEO’.

So, if you have ever wondered what your chairperson was for, there you have it.

Finally, if you are faced with difficulties in the relationship with your chief executive, ‘It’s best to eat the frog’, he says - which probably refers to a quote by Mark Twain ’If it's your job to eat a frog, it's best to do it first thing in the morning’.

Which sounds about right for any job.

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