‘No right-thinking CEO can rely on Intuition - can they?'

If you can’t sort out your problem and your mind is exhausted with looping back across the same material - without resolving the issue - then consider the words of Paramahansa Yogananda:

'Your mental powers could not act in cooperation and harmony if there were no invisible master of intuition to guide them'.


No right thinking chief executive can rely on intuition.  Can they?

In your world of reason and numbers surely this suggestion is only fit for your waste bin?

But maybe your problem is big enough - or old enough - or just intractable enough for you to consider something new.

Here’s a bit more for you, from Paramahansa:

'The electric current flowing into a light bulb manifests in a tangible way in the form of light.  But it is the electricity itself, travelling invisibly through the wires to the bulb, that is the cause of the light.  Similarly, man’s intelligence is the light of cognition in the body, and intuition is the current flowing through the wires of mind and intellect to produce light'.

(God Talks With Arjuna, The Bhagavad Gita: Chapter 111, V43)

Let’s face it.

Man-and-reason alone has come to a dead-end.

The solution is not more data.

It’s in the opposite direction. 

Spiritual scientists - not business school professors - can show you the way to a more powerful and effective form of problem-solving.

The science of intuition.


Best wishes



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