What Do You Do?

‘For Twenty Years, Clients Have Asked This Question!’

‘We proceed by inquiry’ was my reply.  But no one understood.

In the end, we settled on the evidence.  We help you to build sustainable value, and save your business time and money.  

However, you may not immediately recognise how we do it.  

For example, we do not rush to analyse society, economy, industry, market, brand, culture and the numbers - phew! - although we know precisely how to do this with some powerful and unique refinements of our own!

Which is probably why 98% of our clients get results that are measurable in the profit and loss account; in professional career advancement; and through national and international recognition...

So, how do we do it?

We focus on you and the structure of your subjective experience.  Why?  Because it’s accurate, ecological, systemic, and generative.

In our world, the answers reside on the inside.  

Of course, they also need to stand up to analysis and reason.  So we burn them in the fire of your return on investment, as a risk procedure.

We work as if you already know the answers - that’s our working hypothesis - and you just need a little support to find them.

You need someone to listen to you in a particular way, reflect back your world so that you can understand and use it - and expand a personal predicament into a commercial frame.

Of course, the person (or people) you choose to work with need specific and refined skills that bridge your sensory world, intuition, and the commercial world.  

These skills take years to learn and master.

For example, I (the author) have more than 10,000 hours supervised education and training, and 50,000 hours practitioner experience.

So has my partner.  This is a lot of personal and professional training.

It leads to accurate and skilled interventions which support you and your objectives - and save your organisation enormous amounts of time and money.

We call this process proceeding by inquiry - which is the meaning of the word Zetetic - and where we started at the top of the page.

The process of inquiry helps you to develop strategies that are deeply connected to your ethics and make a profit.

Hence, Zetetic (proceeding by inquiry) Pioneering (subjectivity) Strategies (how to achieve your outcomes in a personal or commercial frame).

Zetetic Pioneering Strategies or ZPS for short.

And, that’s what we do.

We use and explore ideas related to:

  • Management Science and Business Administration
  • Neuroscience and Yoga Science
  • Communication Skill

The interventions are grounded in Inquiry:

  • Consulting
  • Research
  • Facilitate, mentor, coach
  • Educate
  • Articulate
  • Plan
  • Project Manage
  • Manage By Exception
  • Goal set, praise, and reprimand
  • Create, innovate, perform

The interventions are related to:

  • Business Strategy
  • Authentic Leadership
  • Management & Control
  • Personal Strategy
  • Business Brand
  • Sales, marketing, advertising
  • Inside Sales
  • Digital, Social, CRM
  • Management Information Design
  • Data
  • Research, capture, code, and sustain value
  • Cost Of Sales, sales growth, margin
  • Net Profit and cash flow
  • Return On Capital Employed
  • Business & Brand Valuation

The results are measured so that you can evidence a return on your investment and the value created by our interventions.

In some ways though, it is not new

Ancient yoga science from India and Tibet articulate many aspects of the subjective sciences.  And modern neuroscience validates ancient yogic science in the language of western technology.


Getting access to these skills within a commercial environment is not so easy.  Many chief executives do not know about or understand the value of the subjective sciences, yet.  

So this can be a problem.  

And therein lies the opportunity for organisations that want to compete in a way that is sustainable for their business and the society that supports them.

Zetetic Pioneering Strategies have developed interventions and programmes that make these skills available.  And the interventions are married with commercial reason and logic.  

It has taken decades of personal and business research to understand, validate, and explain the approach.  

But we have done it and proven it.

Best wishes


PS This creates value for the firm.  As a bonus, it also works exceptionally well for you in your personal and professional life.

‘You shed light on the REAL issue and you are not willing to go round the houses. But you also do it in a way that the client will find out themselves, rather than you highlighting it for them. Once they find out, you shed light on it and either the client will run or stay but the important thing is that they know and have a choice to work on it or not.’  Laura Budgen, Management Professional.

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