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'How to Push Your Team to Take Risks and Experiment'

Sara Critchfield

Harvard Business Review

MARCH 09, 2017


‘Most managers I know want their employees to be curious and experimental, to take the initiative and develop new products and solutions.

But, as it turns out, managers also like to micromanage and control outcomes through safe, predictable processes.

As a result, managers end up stifling the very experimentation they want to foster.

When Upworthy launched, we were berated for not using industry-standard practices.

But two years and 50 million monthly readers later, Upworthy was barraged with requests for lectures and workshops on our “best practices” — and some of those requests came from past detractors.

Ironically, we didn’t have a list of “best” practices; we simply had a practice of fostering experimentation by testing every piece of content.

In fact, as our site grew I came to be suspicious of the very idea of best practices and got in the habit of saying: “Best practices are for amateurs.”

In my experience, the only way to encourage a team to be more innovative is to shift from a static, “best practices” mentality to a dynamic, “laboratory” mentality and to make each team member, not the manager, responsible for the results.

To accomplish this, managers can do four things - full HBR article here

And that’s the subject of The Temple Quarter Breakfast inquiry: 'How to Push Your Team to Take Risks and Experiment'.  

(Note: Sara Critchfield was the founding Editor of Upworthy.com — a site created to make important stories go viral — which became the fastest growing media site of all time. Learn more at saracritchfield.com.)


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