Temple Quarter Breakfast, Wednesday 25th October 2017

'Seven Step Strategy'

There are seven broad areas for you to consider when you place your bet on a business strategy.


1.The first is personal.  What does your heart want?

Some people are not comfortable with this idea but your body works this way.

Your whole body grows out of your heart – and then your heart folds back within.

So, it works to start with your heartaches.

And, it saves you so much time.

If your year is 365 days long, it will save you 360.

That has to be worth it to you.


The remaining six steps are more observably analytical.

They are:


2.Global macro environment

3.Industry power structures

4.Market attractiveness


6.Operational finance



This structure - proven in corporate, SME, micro, social business, and startups - really does help you to think through the issues without confusing your logic.

To put it another way, it keeps you and your business in a sane place.

Now, there are some very powerful principles embedded in this seven-step model.

We talk about them at breakfast.

On Wednesday, October 25th, 2017, we move to Step 2.

‘What sort of global environment is your business operating within – and how does it affect your ability to create value for your customers, the society you live in, and your business.'


Please let Elizabeth know you are coming - email elizabeth8@zeteticmind.com


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City Cafe, Hilton Garden Inn, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6BF.  Click here for Google directions.  The Temple Quarter Breakfast takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month and starts with breakfast at 0730hrs.  You will be clear by 0900hrs.  You pay the hotel directly for your breakfast (£13.95) and there are no other charges from the organiser.