Temple Quarter Breakfast 28 February 2018

'Your Audience, Or Your Product'

You might find that a major problem in developing a strategy for your business is simply getting your head around a lot of conflicting information and data.

It’s true, there is a lot of analysis involved.

But, there is a strange sounding theory that can help you with that information. It’s called The Theory of Logical Types (B Russell) and it states:

a class is of a logical type higher than its members and, because logical types must not be confused, no class can contain itself as a member'

You are using that process here with steps 2, 3 and 4, maybe without realising it. If you are following along, then you now know:

  1. Your Purpose
  2. The Big Picture, local, national, regional or global
  3. And, the structural forces of power and profit in your industry - including the key factors necessary for your future success

Step 4 is about your market.

Or to put it another way, your customer. It’s called Segmentation-Targeting-Positioning (STP) in the marketing books. You can get a short explanation here.

Your first decision is a choice between your product or service and your audience.

Do you bring your vocation to the world, or find out what your customers want and design to their needs?

And, that’s what we are going to talk about. Your audience or your product?


Best wishes

Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard

Managing Partner

Zetetic Pioneering Strategies



+44 07887 513369


City Cafe, Hilton Garden Inn, Temple Way, Bristol BS1 6BF.  Click here for Google directions.  The Temple Quarter Breakfast takes place on the 4th Wednesday of every month and starts with breakfast at 0730hrs.  You will be clear by 0900hrs.  You pay the hotel directly for your breakfast (£13.95) and there are no other charges from the organiser.