Hilton London Paddington Breakfast 27.2.2018

'New Strategy Programme'

Hilton London Paddington

This is your opportunity to connect, have a good breakfast, and get some know how that can add commercial value to your enterprise.

A new, ten-month strategy programme starts on Tuesday, 27th February 2017 at Hilton London Paddington.

On the technical side, this is a proven and fast process for developing strategy.

It has helped an FTSE100 organisation to double revenues.

It has helped a charity - a social business – to treble revenues.

And, it has helped three individual dreamers to fulfil their personal ambitions in the dance business and win the world professional championships, three times.

So, it works for anyone and any genre of business.

We proceed through inquiry, which means you don’t really need to know anything before you arrive.

But, at the end of the strategy programme, I want to know if the value of your business - or the quality of your life - has changed for the better.

This is a unique programme in the strategy world because it’s personal, first.

It is suitable for anybody; there is no dress code; and, you can come along to them all or just drop in when it suits you.

The price of your breakfast is your only commitment, which you pay directly to the Hilton London Paddington.

The first session is about ‘the power of strategy from your heart’.

Listen to 72 seconds of Steve Jobs on this YouTube video - from 3.33 to 4.45mins.

Please let me know you are coming by clicking this link. 


Best wishes



Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard

Managing Partner

Zetetic Pioneering Strategies



+44 07887 513369

Hilton London Paddington.  Click here for Google directions.  Hilton London Paddington Breakfast runs on the 4th Tuesday of every month and starts with breakfast at 0730hrs. You will be clear by 0900hrs. You pay the hotel directly for your breakfast and there are no other charges from the organiser.