Hilton London Paddington Breakfast 24 April

'Profit From Strategy'

Imagine that you are the chief executive.  The firm's strategy and long-term value creation is your responsibility.

Nevertheless, according to Harvard Professor Michael Porter, ‘most companies don’t have a strategy’.

You may not agree, but his words carry some weight.

Porter argues that you create sustainable value in business competition when you 'create a unique company' rather than 'competing to be the best'.

The advantage of a 'unique company' is that value creation is creatively sustainable.

You find your firm's unique and measurable value, you gain personal advantage, and you profit from strategy.

‘Profit From Strategy’ is the subject of the next Hilton London Paddington Breakfast.


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Joseph Mevlanna Pritchard

Managing Partner

Zetetic Pioneering Strategies



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PS This is about your profit and loss account - is your strategy working out in money terms?  No one can escape this evaluation because all business - including social business - has a tax year - and so do you.

PPS Zetetic's Seven Step Strategy model is the result of over 30 years in trade and executive education. So it's practical and proven. You can only get it here.

Hilton London Paddington.  Click here for Google directions.  Hilton London Paddington Breakfast runs on the 4th Tuesday of every month and starts with breakfast at 0730hrs. You will be clear by 0900hrs. You pay the hotel directly for your breakfast and there are no other charges from the organiser.