How Do You Decide?
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There’s more to making a decision than assessing the facts.


For over 100 years, neuroscience has been pointing us towards this inescapable conclusion.


Everyday life also bears this out. Why would someone love Jaguars and loathe BMWs, or vice versa, when the facts can show that there’s nothing to choose between them? Why are some people passionate about cricket but football leaves them unmoved?


So why is it that we remain convinced that the skills for decision making in business are culturally detached from the ones we use in the rest of our lives?

If there were just one correct way to make a decision, the world would be a colourless place, filled with people behaving in exactly the same way.  

Given a choice, what is it about us that make us take one path over another?

Why get consultants to do it for us? (Particularly when their role is often to collect and analyse and assess the largest number of facts.) When in our hearts we know that more facts aren’t the answer.

When each big decision can involve millions, how do we know that we’re going to get it right?

Here’s one fact to consider. Everyone makes decisions differently.

Our 4-hour 121 workshop is an intensive approach based on our own practice and advances in neuroscience.  It helps you to identify your own strategic approach and to make decisions confidently, despite the times we live in.


You will make regular decisions with more confidence and have a strategy - based on your success - for the big, small, or fast decisions.

And you will learn about three components of strategy-making that other high achievers employ.

You will learn

  • How you make your successful decisions - your pattern

  • What is missing in your decision strategy when you get it wrong

  • And, how to work with your decisions and uncertainty

If you are making major decisions for yourself and your company, do you want to know how you are doing it successfully?  

Are you conscious of your decision-making strategy and its structure?  And, do you know how to help others recognise theirs?

We will help you answer these questions for yourself with an introduction to the hidden structure of your decision-making strategy.


In 4-hours, you will see decisions differently.  Can you afford not to know?

Who is it for?

Chief executives involved in formulating, shaping, deciding on and implementing the business strategy.

It is for those of you who shape the business.

You can book on this page.


We offer a no-quibble money-back guarantee.  If you are not satisfied, just say so and we will return your money.

The Model

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