Happier People (How To Resolve The Business Talent Problem Fast)

Okay, resolving the talent problem. I've just had a meeting with a person called Emma Stubbings - who is a coaching professional - we collaborate where NLP is the intervention that a company is prepared to use.

And, I became very excited about the possibilities of addressing the issues around retention and resilience, and happier people; happier people, that's her line, by the way, happier people.

And, you know, it was depressing.

We hear about the post COVID kind of thing people possibly going back to work; we hear about people challenging, you know, what their lives are about. And we wondered what the companies themselves were actually doing about it.

Now, my view is that companies have sold out on the psychological security of the individuals they employ. And in general, they do not care less or put anything back into those people that they employ. And yet they demand everything from them.

So it's hardly surprising that they are disenchanted, is it?

And I go to online conferences that tell me, time and time again, that talent Is a problem. Talent is a problem. And yet there are hundreds or thousands of people working in organizations that have talent.

So what are you doing with it?

What are you doing with all that talent that you have at your disposal, but you don't seem to be able to develop, solve or resolve this so-called talent problem.

There are tools and techniques if you want to call them that, or attitudes and approaches that help you invest a little bit in the people that you've got. You could, for example - God forbid - develop a personal strategy for each of the people in the organization in the same way that you develop a business strategy.

And just imagine for a moment that you were to invest a little bit of time into trying to deliver what people wanted in their lives and their careers, from their perspective, not yours - do you think you might have a happier and more committed workforce?

Now within the NLP world, NLP is a modelling technology.

So if you want to know how the best companies retain people, or how you retain your best people, you already have an existing model, which you can code and generalize across your organization. If you already have people who are good at customer service, who are good at sales, who are good at tech, you already have a model which you can code and generalize across your organization.

You can do all of this without going outside and looking for new people.

Now, if you were to commit to their well-being, can you imagine, do you think there might be a return on your bottom line?

Clearly, it stands to reason that you will get a return, but you're going to have to invest in what your people want - their personal strategies.

I've just been talking to an HR professional who knows the issues and knows how to address the solutions.

And, so do I.

Best wishes



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