CEO Helpline 121

Confidential and private helpline for the chief executive on a pay-as-you-go basis. Buy the first hour and I will call you to arrange a telephone appointment.

CEO Helpline

Private, Personal, Restricted, And Privileged

We Never, Ever, Need To Meet

Confidential CEO Helpline to:

  • Clarify your thinking, transform your performance

  • Explore your perceptual mechanism and relationships

  • Think out loud for your resounding tinkle

  • Redirect problem thinking into a resourceful outcome orientation

  • Reframe your nagging voice into something pleasant you can use

  • Sponsor and utilise the desire of your unconscious intention to heal and shift addictive behaviours

  • Move beyond the illusions and damage created by everyday anger

  • Try your ideas and feelings on for size and physically test your solutions within your nervous system

  • Learn to articulate the ‘meat on the bone’ and explain value

  • Identify the structure of your successful decision strategies

  • Re-inforce  simple ways to create trust - as long as you mean it

  • Persuade and influence with integrity

  • See the promised land and give it a story

  • Explore ideas without relationship or organisational consequences.

Or just talk, find a shoulder to lean on and get some private support time.

This specialist executive service is a direct 121 conversation with Joseph Pritchard.  It can range across any topic you choose.  

Nothing is too small.  A nagging feeling is acceptable.  A sense of personal yet undefined urgency is welcome.  Chaos and uncertainty are considered as friends.  So is apathy.

Big business, acquisitions, and your relationship to power, money, and sexual politics are included.  

So is the health of your human spirit - your sense of meaning and value - alongside the family, career and commercial issues you face everyday.

In short, anything you wonder about or need support in working out.

You can speak by phone or Skype.  Or, even in person if you prefer.  But, in a practical sense, we never, ever, need to meet.

What Clients Say:

  • Jo Dixon Non Executive Director J P Morgan European Investment Trust PLC

‘Joseph is patient, skilled and conscientious . He succeeded where I had failed in enabling me to evolve a strategy to resolve a complex jumble of issues. He is professional.  I would not hesitate to recommend him for either business or personal support in strategic development.’

  • Chris Dowse, senior civil servant, NHS Employers

‘I am a key decision maker in my organisation, and sometimes it is important to think about that role and whether I am making the right decisions, for the right reasons, in the most productive way.’

  • Douglas Webb, CEO, Cornwall Care

‘Joseph has worked with me and my organisation on many occasions over a five-year period in the fields of business strategy and communication. The results in terms of culture change and competitive advantage are measurable and thrilling.’

  • Alastair Thompson, MD FTSE 100 Loop

‘I’ve worked with Joe on a couple of long-term projects in the last few years.  He was instrumental in helping me to conceive and deliver pioneering new strategies for the business I ran at the time which led to national and international recognition … Joe is someone of immense integrity and insightful knowledge who I have no hesitation in recommending.’

Confidentiality Agreement

Clarify your thinking, transform your performance.  And rest in the security of our confidentiality agreement.

Call  direct mobile +44 (0)7887 513369

or email