You are not alone

This is about a piece of research conducted with chief executives.  And, it reports that conflict management is their number one coaching priority.

(It was carried out with 200 North American CEOs, board directors and senior executives by Stanford Graduate School of Business and The Miles Group in the United States.  You can get a one page summary here, or a fuller PDF version here.)


‘Not only that …’

‘When we come to Washington in this campaign, we’re coming to get our cheque’  Martin Luther King Jnr.


You may have received a number of blog posts from me about this man.  My interest is his oratory.  How did he do it?

Why?  ‘He reaches my heart’.

Or, to put it in business language – he is brilliant at articulating strategy.


‘Oh no, not personal development!’

In a nutshell, this is personal development for the chief executive.

You already know or have tried most things.  Results are good but not that good. And you sense there is more.

You suspect there is a new tilt that makes the last connection to bring your ambitions alive.

And you’re right.  There is just one last barrier to negotiate.  And it’s not a business model – even if it is new.

It’s about you.


Zetetic Power Story

Bangalore, IT capital of India, is growing fast.  The population – 8,425, 970 people in 2011 - has more than doubled in the last twenty years.

Standard Hindi is the official language in a country which has over 200 mother tongues.


Your Ambition Sir ...

In an effort to suit your need

To keep us in work and consultants to feed

We’re offering star days at a price with appeal

To your senses - see, hear and feel


Perfect for single issues or simply to check

Your strategy is right for the sailing deck

We have more to show you but you do have to dock

Before the end of the July clock


Only £500# for just the one

Truly an offer second to none

So valued customer, please call today

Before this star ship sails away



Lord Mandelson and One Nation

Maybe the reason Dr Martin Luther King is recognised as the greatest orator of the last century is because he meant what he said.

Tony Blair probably won three elections for the same reason.

And maybe Aung San Suu Kyi means it too!

Lord Mandelson, one of the architects of Labour's last major rebranding puts it another way.  He said:

"You have to be more than a slogan and more than a label to get people to vote for you. So much is obvious."

He was talking about the new One Nation branding for Labour.


Your mid brain

When you want to articulate strategy, do you know how to access your brain - all of it?

You probably already know that you have three broad areas in your brain which deal with logic, emotion, and awareness.

We are told logical thinking tends to happen in the left hemisphere.  Feeling and thinking in two hemispheres - right and left - and awareness in the mid-brain.

So, when you speak, do you need a triple brain description if your audience is to understand you?


City of London

Last Thursday April 25th three old friends came together at Merchant Taylors’ Hall in the City of London.


The occasion was the installation of the new Prime Warden of The Worshipful Company of Shipwrights.


Over thirty years ago these same three men were at the start of their careers.  And Simon Robinson, the new Prime Warden of the shipwrights, was a trainee broker in the city.



Your ceo brain

You are successful. But, maybe you still want that personal edge.

The old fashioned idea of the brain as two separate halves has run its useful course.

Modern neuroscience now recognises the brain as a system. And that system has different access points for different experiences – including the words you use: different words enter different parts of your brain.

The consequences are significant. Let me explain. If the words you use only speak to a brain pre-disposed to logic then you will miss those who work in a different way.


Feudal Barons, liberties and privileges …

Magna Carta is seen by many as the foundation of the freedom of the individual in the United Kingdom

(It is said to be the first document forced onto a King of England by a group of his subjects.)

In their action, the barons are concerned about their liberties and privileges.

Nothing seems to change that much!

Whether it’s about your authority - your barons - or the unwritten feelings of the free, getting people to sign up and act in accordance with your constitution can be a delicate thing.

Ask King John of England about 15 June 1215