3-6-3 Zero To Hero

Twelve Steps To Personal And Business Juice

Are you ready to start your new business, accelerate your career to CEO, or tweak an existing corporate business strategy to create and compound value over the long term?

Make your dreams come true.

Twelve Steps To Personal And Business Juice gives you a practical and proven method to create a viable business proposition, shine in the marketplace, and thoroughly assess the risk and reward.

A visual software application - the Zetetic Strategy Board that represents each analysis stage as a traffic light system - supports your risk assessment, decisions, and explanation and articulation to other parties or investors.

You will learn how to:

  • Clarify your outcomes
  • Navigate any personal or confidence barriers
  • Identify what you have to sell that others want to buy
  • Identify a unique positioning for you, your brand, or your business
  • Use The Theory Of Logical Types to fashion your unique sales proposition (USP) with real strategic leverage
  • Design a juicy business strategy that creates value from the start line and over time
  • Examine key success factors (KSF) and capabilities that support your strategy and its execution now and in the near future
  • Utilise your values to embed resilience in practical operations and your customers' experience
  • Calculate your return on capital employed (ROCE)
  • Access your intuition, create new ideas, and innovate
  • Protect and utilise the commercial value of your Intellectual Property (IP) ℗© trade mark™, registered marks ® and patents
  • Boost your confidence with profitable trade, so you become a valuable asset to your business and your investors
  • Make a profit - get a track record - show it in the Profit and Loss Account

3-6-3 - Twelve Steps - From Zero To Hero

This unique, evidence-based model combines subjective, analytical, and dynamically creative modules. It has been tested and applied in the fire of real business with many well-established companies and start-ups.

Exploring the 3-6-3 model within the context of your life, you can translate your insights to your business. Whether you want to learn how to run a business or work for organisations that align with your values, our 3-6-3 model will help you identify and move successfully from A to B.

It is a proven approach you can turn to when faced with real-world opportunities and challenges.

3 Subjective Modules - Purpose, Values, Vision

You start by exploring your purpose, values and vision. This work illuminates your motivation, the circumstances that inform your thinking, and the conditions where you can add value.

In everyday life, you see everything through your lens - it influences everything that follows - so we need to know the colour of your spectacles.

For example, what grounds you and gives your life meaning? What principles drive you to think and respond in a certain way? What future do you envision for yourself?

6 Analytical Modules - Big Waves, Power, Profitability

You focus on the broader business landscape to analyse its likely impact on your business - good and evil.

You will explore how businesses are affected by big societal waves, industrial shifts, technological advancements and political climates.

Together, we will examine how these big waves shape your opportunities, consciously and unconsciously, before shifting focus to profitability and power.

We refer to case studies to assess how value-driven actions generate consistent cash flow.

Thorough analysis gives you clarity about your industry. We look at the market to evaluate your USP. Then, we assess your business capability and ability to deliver on your unique proposition before examining how entrepreneurs and executives assess the operational and capital risks of managing a successful business.

These modules give you a clear understanding of a strong business strategy and how to implement it.

How do big societal waves generate profitability, and how do they impact you? What direction are you heading in, and what capabilities do you have or need to acquire? What investment do you need to realise your personal or financial vision, and is it currently viable?

3 Creative Modules - Objectives, Strategy, Story

You start by setting objectives. After establishing your goals, we build a strategy that makes them achievable.

Once you form your strategy, we turn it into a story that resonates with your target audience.

What goals do you need to set so you can approach your strategy with intention? How can you achieve these objectives in light of the analysis? How can you turn your value-driven design into a story that encourages action?

We follow this framework to challenge ideas and impediments at the correct logic level.

Why Zero To Hero?

We start businesses, create business value, and advance your career.

During our group workshops, you can rigorously check your business proposition, share your experiences, learn form others, and grow your expertise.

The Zetetic 3-6-3 Strategy Board App visually breaks the process into digestible and visible steps you can follow, explain to others, and draw upon for years.

There are many more reasons why our unique approach may work for you:

  • Combine Theory and Practice
  • Connect with like-minded individuals and multiply your business network
  • Fit around your commitments because it's all done through remote learning
  • Build your confidence
  • Create a story for your leadership
  • Expand your personal and professional skill sets
  • Make yourself more attractive to businesses and investors
  • Design and implement a robust business strategy with guidance
  • Simplify the process of developing a business strategy
  • Get a proven map you can repeat
  • Advance your market value
  • Feel the accountability you need to make transformational change.

Zero To Hero brings you closer to imagining and achieving the future you dream about but didn't realise was possible.

Testimonials From Past Students

Past students have gone on to enjoy professional achievements that previously felt unattainable.

'We are thrilled beyond our wildest dreams' Sarah McCartney Founder 4160 Tuesdays London (https://www.4160tuesdays.com/)

'I was new to the world of business development and needed support to understand how to use strategy to plan for various aspects of a business.

Business plans and marketing strategies were new concepts, and understanding them was vital. Working with Joseph through Zero To Hero was hugely important for me as he broke the methodologies down and demonstrated how strategic processes and theories worked.' Kinny Chinangwa, Business Support Services Manager at WECIL.

'Zero To Hero was excellent for developing my business know-how and boosting my professional confidence. I was determined to find sustainable income generation streams for my workplace, but needed a theory-based background. And so, I decided to enrol on the programme. Whilst studying with Joseph, I realised I wanted to start my enterprise. The modules allowed me to explore my business model and learn all about what it takes to build a successful business. We looked at everything from market position to budgeting, branding, and intellectual property. I learned many invaluable lessons and enjoyed discussions that continue to impact and influence my business today. I'm still working with Joseph some eight years later!' Katie Donovan-Adekanmbi, Founder BCohCo

Just imagine the progress you can make over the next twelve months.

About Joseph

For many years I believed 217 Horton Lane to be Grandma Pritchard's house. Then I looked it up - just curious family browsing. Imagine my surprise to see the address of Bradford Union Workhouse!

So much of my life suddenly made sense.

The 1948 National Assistance Act abolished the last vestiges of the Poor Law and the workhouse. But, if you were born in Bradford Union Workhouse, only the words 217 Horton Lane appeared on your birth certificate without further clarification. It was a well-intentioned omission by the Guardians designed to smooth your path in life - to hide the social stigma and assumed shame of your heritage.

At least, that’s my guess.

The Infirmary of the Bradford Union Workhouse was finally conscripted into the new British National Health Service in 1948 and became St Luke's Hospital. I was born two years later, and my place of birth was and is still recorded as 217 Horton Lane.

Make of that, what you will.

For forty years, I have launched and built business ventures. These include global food and drink brands, international pharma and engineering firms, national media, retail, perfume, alternative products, software, tech hardware, marketing services, training, advertising, business process outsourcing, and management consulting.

Building a brand or a business takes time, even if you start quickly. So, in most cases, my business relationships are deep and long – the profit and loss account and balance sheet measure your results.

There have been failures and some expensive lessons. But the successes are many, and the Zero To Hero story includes:

  • Building a start-up BPO business into a global brand - over fourteen years - as a founder member.  From Zero to Hero, acquisition and stock market listing.
  • Creating a new corporate strategy for a high-profile social business to expand internationally - seven years in development - from National Hero To International Hero
  • Turning an international corporate culture from copycat to R&D - training the trainers and unit Managing Directors in NLP
  • Over three years, executing a turnaround in automotive engineering SME - including a business redesign and recruiting a new management team.  Figures show a doubling of sales revenue and profitability over a consistent five-year period.
  • Exploding profitable sales of an SME Consumer Goods business through precise recruitment leading to account listings with major multiples - Tesco, Boots, Waitrose for example
  • Helping a founder to establish a start-up business from Zero - identify a winning proposition; trade as a training & consultancy business in Diversity, Inclusion, Cohesion and Equity; and win substantial start-up contracts - to Hero.

To add to extensive and first-class practical experience, I have studied strategy to Master Business Administration degree level at Ashridge Business School – it costs forty-nine thousand pounds in fees to complete this programme at Ashridge today – and have extensive certifications in Neuro-Linguistic programming to global trainer and consulting standards.

And I have developed a simple software application to help analyse and display the risk at the different levels of strategic analysis. You will have access to this unique APP for the Zero To Hero programme, which visually illustrates the chance and opportunity involved in your strategy - section by section - in a layered traffic light system.

Join Zero To Hero online!

The programme starts on Saturday, January 20th, 2024. There are limited spaces available to ensure maximum value for all students.

You get:

  • 12 x 2-hour in-person live Zoom modules across twelve months
  • A complete outline of the programme and the main models you need to develop a winning proposition, make a thorough analysis, and articulate your idea
  • A unique Zetetic 3-6-3 Strategy Board APP - free to you for the duration of the programme: a simple step-by-step software application which allows you to assess risk visually and outlines each vital step to a winning strategy and business proposition
  • Pre-recorded video explanations of key concepts and definitions you can use with any professional, bank, boardroom or business school
  • Individual coaching from the creator of the work, in the group Zoom call
  • A new peer support network to support you through and contribute to your ideas
  • And, thirty years of commercial evidence with business owners, chief executives, and young professionals, that the Zero To Hero 3-6-3 Twelve Step Programme delivers personal and business juice.

From Bradford Union Workhouse to CEO. From Zero To Hero. From no business to a new business.  From failing business to profitable survival; from Monolith to Panther. From Ego destruction to cooperation.  I will tell you precisely what it takes - the demands on your character, the skills required to create value, and the story of value creation in your life and business.  

From Zero To Hero

Book now or find out more by emailing Joseph at joseph@zeteticmind.com or phoning +44 (0) 7887 513369.

Find out more about Joseph.


We will refund your investment if you start the programme and realise it is not for you after the first Zoom session. No quibble. However, a 15% administration charge will be deducted from the published programme fee.

Practical and unique coaching in business strategy and business start-up to create long term value in your business or career. Unique and proven model delivers commercial results and is supported by custom made online App. Supported by Zero To Hero Guarantee.

Practical and unique coaching in business strategy and business start-up to create long term value in your business or career. Unique and proven model delivers commercial results and is supported by custom made online App. Supported by Zero To Hero Guarantee.

Practical and unique coaching in business strategy and business start-up to create long term value in your business or career. Unique and proven model delivers commercial results and is supported by custom made online App. Supported by Zero To Hero Guarantee.

Practical and unique coaching in business strategy and business start-up to create long term value in your business or career. Unique and proven model delivers commercial results and is supported by custom made online App. Supported by Zero To Hero Guarantee.

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