'Making Decisions In Self Isolation'

When it comes to making a decision, the facts are only one element of the story. (I would be interested in your view.)

External references are necessary. Facts can be essential. But, internal computations seem to make and execute the decision.

So, where do these computations take place?

Well, modern neuroscience shows us that we have the same neurons in our brain, heart, and gut - different numbers, but the same neurons and neurotransmitters.

Three brains, if you like. So, is it plausible that all three are involved?  (See video)

I don't know about you, but my body suffers distress when I make the wrong call.

By contrast, the same body feels individual freedom when making the right choice - power surges through my circuits and all the lights come back on.

So, is decision-making personal? And, if it is personal, is there a way of working with it scientifically?

You won't be surprised at our position.

Would it profit you to know more?

Best wishes


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